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Work Permit Process – How do we do it? 

Seamless and agile process

Do not worry about the paperwork anymore.

Our job: to make it easy for you as the employer


Screening of the company’s needs, and how it complies to the requirements for a work permit in Sweden.

Supporting documents

We ask you step by step to send us the documents needed.

Permizon takes over

It’s not much harder than that. If you want to find out more about how we work with the handling, please read the process description below.

The whole process From the first meeting to a granted work permit



Here we do an investigation of your company and your chance of being granted a work permit. Already here we can give answers to:

  • Your chances of being granted a work permit
  • Type of service that suits your needs
  • The lead time
  • Cost level


A clear quote is presented which includes:

  • Fees and fees
  • VAT


Here we perform a deeper examination of the company, insurance, financial and background conditions, etc.

  • Permizon acts as a representative for both the employer and the employees by a proxy (Power of Attorney)
  • An invoice is issued


The application is divided into two main parts. We handle of course both parts seamlessly:

  • The employer’s part
  • The employee’s part.

The first part includes job offer, the trade union’s opinions, insurances, etc. The second part is the applicant’s information. When we have submitted the application to the Swedish Migration Agency, you will receive a receipt by email with a control number.


Permizon follows up and monitors the case with the authority.

  • You will also receive a document from us with tips on how to best prepare before start of the employment and after the employment has begun.

Granted work permit

  • When a work permit has been granted, the applicants must normally visit the Swedish embassy in their home country to provide biometrics.
  • After about 2-4 weeks, the applicant must visit the embassy again to pick up their residence and work permit card.
  • If the applicant can travel to Sweden visa-free, he/she can leave biometrics here in Sweden.

We inform and coordinate the above with you and with the applicant.

The employment can begin as soon as the person arrives in Sweden.

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