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Work Permits in Sweden


Price list for companies making single applications per year 


Price List – Single Application

Work Permit Processing in Sweden

We help companies and individuals (the employer and the employee) with work permit application processing in Sweden. The price list indicates our general fees. A clear and detailed price offer letter will be provided after we carry out the free of charge preliminary evaluation of the case. Read more why we do this and why it is free of charge.

Our services cover all steps in an application process for work permit in Sweden until a decision is made by the Swedish Migration Agency.

Click on each price to read the details of coverage!

General Terms

  • Stated prices are in Swedish Kronor (SEK).
  • Our fees are subject to VAT (25%) which will be added to the prices.
  • The application fees to the Swedish Migration Agency will also be added to the prices above. These fees are excepted from VAT.

Further down on this page you find a few prices calculation examples as well as a FAQ.

Recurring Applications?

Beneficial price model for companies with recurring need of applications for work permit.

Installment Plan?

Do you need help with dividing the payment?

Mention it in your message when you fill out the form. We have different solutions. 

FAQs and Calculation Examples

  • If the case is not subject to further investigation (both the employer and the employee have a clean record). It is only a main applicant:

    Main applicant fee 29 900 SEK
    + VAT 25% (7 475 SEK)
    + Application fee to Migration Agency 2 200 SEK (no VAT)

    Total 39 575 SEK

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