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Work Permit in Sweden

Why work permit in Sweden? 

There is a shortage of a large number of skills in Sweden and in several other European countries. Companies have had to decline assignments due to a lack of competent staff. For this reason, many companies have chosen to look beyond Europe’s borders to find expertise in the global market. 

In December 2008, the law on labor immigration was amended to be able to satisfy the supply of skills in Sweden. This is to make it easier for companies in Sweden to employ staff from overseas countries. The legislation has undergone several revisions over the years, which has made it rather complex.

To be able to work in Sweden, most people who come from countries outside the EU / EEA must have a valid work permit. The permit must usually be granted before traveling into Sweden. However, there are some exceptions to this.

Characteristics of a work permit

A work permit gives the person in question the right to settle and work in Sweden during the period of employment. The permit is linked to a specific employer and a specific profession during the first two years. If you want to extend your work permit in Sweden, you must apply for an extension before the current permit expires, if the employment is intended to continue. 

To be able to apply for a work permit in Sweden, the first requirement is that the person in question has an employment offer (job offer) from a Swedish company. An application for a work permit is made to the Swedish Migration Board and is issued for a maximum of 2 years (even in the case of permanent employment) or for as long as the employment lasts, if it is shorter than 2 years. Before the work permit expires, an extension must be applied for. Then the employment can continue pending a decision from the Swedish Migration Board.

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