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General Terms & conditions

A brief summary of the general terms and conditions for our services. More detailed and specific terms and conditions for the services will be provided attached to the offer to the customer.  

Application Processing for
Work Permits in Sweden

General Terms & Conditions


Most people with citizenship outside of EU/EEA are required to obtain a work permit in order to legally work in Sweden. Swedworks AB is specialized in the work permit field and is helping companies and private citizens with the work permit processing.

Swedworks AB under the brand name of Permizon, henceforth the ”Service provider”, is offering services related to the application for work permit for companies in need of a non-European strengthening of their workforce. When processing an application for work permit, we perform the same economic analysis as the Swedish Migration Agency, and we guarantee that the application is correct and complete.

The scope of the service

The Service provider will perform a review of your company (pre-assessment) determining the overall possibility of hiring a person from outside of the EU/EEA. The pre-assessment is free of charge and not binding for any party.

The Service provider is responsible for the quality of the application, and to make sure that it’s correct and complete when submitted to the Swedish Migration Agency. The service provider will handle all contact with the Swedish Migration Agency and other parties involved in the application process until a decision is made.

If the result of the pre-assessment points to a positive direction we will provide a clear and detailed quotation offer. Detailed terms and conditions for the service as well as cancellation terms will be followed in the quotation offer. The offer is not binding. If the customer accepts the customer the work with the case will continue. 

We reserve the right to turn down assignments and cases that we consider as not fulfilling the requirements for a work permit in Sweden or for other reasons not being appropriate for our line of business. 

We appreciate your interest in our services and hope for your confidence in us to help you through this process!


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