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Work permits for service staff

Permizon offers a certified fast track for the work permit process. We enable Swedish companies to recruit non-EU citizens within specific lines of business – and our services are available to you.

The sector has difficulties recruiting enough service staff within Sweden and an increasing number of employees are therefore recruited from other countries.


High-volume sector

Sector challenge

The sector caters for a national and international audience in restaurants, hotels and venues. To a wide extent it ‘runs on arms and legs’ and this sector often suffers from lack of Swedish workforce.


One-stop results

Our core offering

With one point of contact you can access a fast track and full service work permit application process that allows you to focus on your core business while we do it right the first time.


Selection counts

Business insight

The pre-screening of applicants adds a very important value in this sector, as companies are recruiting staff where the possibilities of obtaining a work permit vary a lot from candidate to candidate.

Work permits is all we do

Servicing Swedish companies & international staff

We focus on work permits across sectors and have accumulated extensive insights on various Swedish trades and businesses.

Feel free to contact us if you want to know about our experience within your line of business. On this website you can also explore specifics about other sectors that we serve. 

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