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Why free of charge screening?

Work permits application processing in Sweden

“Nothing is free” is usually the saying, but in this case it actually is. We offer all our customers a free, no-obligation preliminary assessment.

What’s the catch?

Well, we actually do it as a “protection” to us. Let me explain:

The process of applying for a work permit in Sweden is time-consuming and complicated. High demands are placed on the employing company (employer) in the form of, among other things, good and stable finances, a tidy background, the right insurances, the right salary level and more. The complexity of cases varies greatly and there are countless details to take into account.

Small mistakes can lead to unnecessary and devastating consequences such as severe delays or, in the worst case, rejection. The regulations have been amended many times since they were introduced in 2008 and have gradually become more complicated.

By carrying out a preliminary analysis and looking at the same parameters that the Migration Agency’s case officers and decision-makers will look at, we guard against delays and rejections. We do this for both the customer’s sake but also for our own sake. How?


The benefits for the customer

  • As a customer you avoid spending precious time and money to face a rejection by the Migration Agency. You can plan ahead sensibly. 

The benefits for us

  • We don’t like to have rejection decisions on our track record and like to work preventively to avoid it.



Only if the results of our preliminary analysis show that the application has a good chance of going through will we present a clear quote. Otherwise, we tell the customer why we refuse the assignment and come up with suggestions for possible shortcomings in the case that the customer can sort out.

Our promise

The pre-assessment is completely free of charge and there are no obligations. The customer naturally has every right to refuse the offer.

With our 10+ years in the industry, we have built up a base of experience that helps us in our assessments and that has proven to be positive in the long run. From this, we have been able to maintain a success rate of 97%.

Our guarantee

The arrangement allows us to offer a guarantee on our service in the form of “money back”. It comes into effect if the application, contrary to the assumption, is rejected by the Swedish Migration Agency and the justification for the rejection indicates that the error has been inaccuracies in the application. This means that if we have missed something during the application or have made a mistake during the process, the customer will get 3 options from to choose among:

  1. Money back – no strings attached,
  2. Or we offer to appeal the case at no extra cost,
  3. Or we offer to redo the application (new application), at no extra charge.

In consultation with the customer, we will try to find the best possible solution ahead. 

It is as important for us to have a successful case, as for you. We hope this brings some comfort to you and we gain your trust to assist you with our services. 


Moving fast

Sector challenge

Being able to easily hire people with relevant business insight strengthens Sweden’s international trade profile, but these candidates often move fast and expect employers to do the same.


One-stop results

Our core offering

With one point of contact you can access full-service work permit application processing that allows you to focus on your core business while we do it right the first time.


Action counts

Business insight

The typical candidate is not happy with lengthy and bureaucratic processes; getting the work application in order and quickly positioning them to execute business benefits all parties.

Work permits is all we do

Servicing Swedish companies & international staff

We focus on work permits across sectors and have accumulated extensive insights on various Swedish trades and businesses.

Feel free to contact us if you want to know about our experience within your line of business. On this website you can also explore specifics about other sectors that we serve. 

Across business lines

See other areas? 

We are ready to help you

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