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Comprehensive service for Work Permit in Sweden


Covers all the steps for both the employer and the employee

gratis analys av ansökan om arbetstillstånd

With Guarantee

fasta priser för ansökan om arbetstillstånd i Sverige

Fixed Prices

smidig process för ansökan om arbetstillstånd

Smooth Process

Secure Your Work Permit in Sweden with Expert Assistance

In the landscape of corporate needs, securing skilled talent is a top priority. However, there’s a noticeable scarcity of competent labor not just in Sweden but across several European countries. To bridge this gap, many companies are turning their gaze beyond EU borders.

For individuals from non-EU/EEA countries, obtaining a work permit is often a prerequisite to work in Sweden. While the employee initiates the work permit application, the employer plays a pivotal role and must meet specific requirements.

The application process itself is a labyrinth—complex and time-consuming. According to the Swedish Migration Agency, almost 40% of applications face rejection, with many falling victim to inadequate preparation.

Enter Permizon, a trailblazer in work permit application management since 2011. We’ve been at the forefront, steering both companies and their employees through the intricacies of the entire process. Our track record speaks volumes, backed by guarantees for the quality of our work.

Money Back Guarantee

If the case is rejected 

We have the same goal as you: to secure a favorable outcome for your work permit. Our money-back guarantee stands as a testament to our commitment to your security and the quality of our service.

We undertake to comply with the Swedish Migration Agency’s requirements for requested documents and to submit a complete and correct application. Should there be a rejection due to errors in the handling of the application, we will refund the invoiced amount in full, excluding the application fee to the Swedish Migration Agency, or help the customer with the appeal.

The guarantee does not apply if the refusal is caused by reasons beyond our control and because the employer or the applicant withholds information from us.

Comprehensive Service

Single Point of Contact

The purpose of “Single Point of Contact” is to relieve both the employer and the applicant from all complicated and time-consuming details in an application for a work permit in Sweden.

The service contains all the parts and steps that are required by the Swedish Migration Agency for a correct and compliance application.

Pre-assessment – Free of charge

To make sure that an application has a good chance of going through, we always carry out a free of charge preliminary assessment before we accept the assignment. You as a customer do not commit to anything.

Only if the preliminary assessment shows that both the company and the applicant meet the requirements do we offer a clear price quote and if you accept the offer we continue the process of applying for a work permit.

The service includes:

The Details

Work Permit

Type of applications

There are different kinds of work permits – we can help you with all of them.

  • New application for work permit
  • Extension of work permit
  • Permanent residence permit by work permit
  • Change of Employer / Occupation
  • Change of Status (for example from student to work)
  • Inter-Corporate Transfer (ICT)
  • EU Blue Card
  • Family Members
  • and other issues related to the work permit

With over 10 years of experience of both simple and complex applications we proud ourselves in our solution oriented approach.   

Recurring needs

Framework agreement

Does your company have an ongoing need for work permit applications?

We can offer special agreements with different business models depending on your needs. 

Contact us to find out more about framework agreements and what services we can offer you!

The best solutions are tailored and are based on your company’s needs.

Additional Services

Before and after 

Before an application

  • Support and advisory services to the becoming employee

After the work permit is granted

  • Ongoing checks of employment conditions for work permits (salary, tax, insurances, and more). 

Work permits are limited in time to the length of employment but a maximum of two years. Before the work permit expires, it needs to be extended. It will be both safer and smoother if we have checked that everything are handled correctly during the time until the time for extension.

spara tid när du ansöker om arbetstillstånd i Sverige

Save time

Fast & Secure

Work permit application can be a lengthy process. Our pre-screening process and rigorous preparation of the case reduces months to weeks. We execute fast.

ett enda kontaktpunkt för arbetstillståndsprocessen

Use us

Single Point of Contact

We assume full responsibility for the work permit. Simply leave it to us and go about your core business, while we take care of the application process. We handle all the stakeholders.

ansök noggrant om arbetstillstånd i Sverige

Apply once

An accurate process

Mistakes and omissions during the process usually mean starting over – we get it right the first time, as proven by our 97% success rate. We know what to do.


In compliance

As a pioneer in this industry since 2011 and having served hundreds of Swedish and International customers, you can always count on our work, processes and results to be fully compliant to all relevant laws and regulations.

Our straight forward terms and conditions secures that our cooperation is seamless and that you also comply with public and governmental requirements. These terms are included in quotes and offers from Permizon. 

We answer all day

Order or quote? 

We have domain knowledge

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