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Are you looking for a job in Sweden? 

(This article is available in English only)


Here we have put together a number of useful sources and instincts on how to look for a job and apply for a job in Sweden . 
Our specialty is though to process work permit applications in Sweden once you have a job offer from a Swedish company. However, we would love to help you on your way to find a job position in Sweden. 
You are of course welcome to contact us again when you have received a job offer from a company. 
  • Swedish Public Employment Agency – Arbetsförmedlingen
  • Job listing websites in Sweden
  • Recruitment companies with job listings
  • Sweden labour shortage list
  • How to write a good CV
  • How to write a good cover letter. 
The Swedish Public Employment Agency – Arbetsförmedlingen
Most of the companies publish their ads on this website when they are looking to hire new people. A large number of ads are in English. Study the ads and follow the instructions on the ad to apply for the job.  
Job Listing Agencies
These are private job listing websites and some of them are specialized in a certain field (IT, Construction, Medical etc). Many job ads are published only on one of these websites. It’s good advice to keep a lookout on the websites that match your field of work. Study the ads and follow the instructions to apply for the job position.

Recruitment agencies with job listings

These are companies who very often are hired by other companies to find specific staff for them. 

Job seeking in Sweden

The labour shortage list

Each year the Swedish Migration Agency together with other governmental offices publish a list of occupations that are in high demand in Sweden, “The Labour Shortage List (in Swedish: bristyrkeslistan). If your occupation is on this list, you have a higher chance of getting a faster decision on your application. Also, you can apply for a work permit from within Sweden instead of having to return to your home country to apply.
The list in Swedish on the website of the Swedish Migration Agency, dated December 2022 (pdf file, opens in a new window).

(if the above link is not valid, it probably means a new list is available and we have not had the chance to update the list. In that case, search for the list on the Internet.)

The list in English, translated by us at Permizon. Dated December 2022:

Writing a CV, Swedish style

A curriculum vitae, or CV (also known as a résumé), is a summary of your professional background. Swedish employers prefer a rather short version with topics that are right on the spot. There are numerous websites on the Internet showing how to compile a good CV for the Swedish employers. Your CV should be one to two pages long and include an overview of your work experience, studies, achievements or awards, special skills and references. Your contact information should always be included at the top of the first page.

What to include in your cover letter

Cover letter (in Swedish: “personligt brev”, translates Personal Letter). The same rule goes for the cover letter. Keep it short, no more than one page long. Even if the direct translation from the Swedish is “Personal Letter”, it is really not about all your personal characteristics. It should also cover your major achievements, which benefits you had for your former employer, why you are attractive for this new employer, and how you can help this new employer to achieve their goals.  

However, do not repeat your CV merits here, rather try to connect to the job position and what you can bring to the table. 

They say you have about 5 seconds to catch the attention of the reader (employer) so he/she keeps reading. Make the start of your cover letter sparkling 😉 


Finding a job is a full time job

This is famous saying in the industry. It mean you have to be persistent and through. Don’t just fire away job applications. Take the time to study the ad, study the website of the company and other social media channels, find out about their values and goals. On a good day you might send 6-8 applications if you spend a whole day.
We wish you best of the luck in your search for job. 
Please note: if you email us about job seeking, there is a chance that you do not receive any reply. 
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