Work Permit Rejection Rate Almost 40%

Updated:    June 20, 2023
Published:  March 15, 2023

According to the statistics from the Swedish Migration Agency for January-May 2023, almost 40% of all settled cases have been rejected. These figures apply to new applications (first timers).  Many of these rejections could have been avoided. The key word is preparation.

Work permit applications in Sweden, almost 40% rejections.
Work permit applications in Sweden, almost 40% rejections.

A well-prepared application significantly increases the chances of a grant. The Swedish Migration Agency looks at a number of different parameters and factors in its review. Shortcomings in providing correct information or the right documentation can be decisive for the decision.


Work permit applications in Sweden, almost 40% rejections.
Work permit applications in Sweden, almost 40% rejections.

Let’s break it down:

There are two parties involved into an application for a work permit: the employer and the employee. It is de facto the employee who applies for a work permit and owns the application, but the employee is involved to a high degree and undergoes careful scrutiny by the authority. We drew attention to this in a previous post in detail.

The application process is initiated by the employer, who provides information about the professional service and the conditions of the service (occupation, duties, salary, salary conditions, insurances, etc.). The position must have been advertised according to certain conditions before starting this process. An employment offer is formed with this information and sent to the trade union concerned for an opinion. In the meantime, an employment contract must have been signed by both the employer and the employee. This agreement must also be uploaded during the application process.

A decisive factor in this context is the employing company’s finances and other prerequisites for employing a foreign person on a work permit. A number of industries have higher requirements to submit financial reports that show stable and serious business operations and that they can afford the employment.

When the opinion from the trade union is returned, it is the employee’s turn to fill in their part of the application with information on, among other things, education, work experience, recent travels within the Schengen area and information on any family members who are applying together. ID documents for all must be uploaded and the application fee paid before the final stage of the application.

We have also covered the steps above along with some useful tips in another previous post which is available here.

There are small margins for mistakes and a lot of room for misunderstandings if you only rely on the scant information available on the Swedish Migration Agency’s website.

We are happy to help and take care of the entire process, which covers both the employer’s and the employee’s application. We review the company’s finances, background, future prospects and many more parameters.

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